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We are a team working on a web3 project, and the "Weird Rabbit" NFT is our first pioneering project. We hope to build a community based on the "Meme+DeFi+DAO+GameFi+Metaversa" model. We will cooperate with many projects, so join us and have the opportunity to get airdrops of cooperative projects.

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"We are a dream team" Amway is a fantasy metaverse. "We are a dream-making team, and we always hope to bring the beautiful metaworld into reality, so that more people can feel this beauty." As a design and IP operation team with 18 years of experience, our team has experienced a lot of tempering from creation, actual creation, offline operation, and online operation. The cost of investment has already exceeded one million, which does not include our personal We will tell you the energy cost, the sadness and stories behind it when we are more successful in the future. We have made up our minds to continue to invest in bigger and stronger. Of course, we will make layout in combination with market conditions, and we are not good enough. We hope that community members can be more tolerant, and we also promise to try our best to improve the problem, communicate with you more, and work with community volunteers to make greater efforts for the development of the project.

The Rabbit Club is a collective of 10,000 unique Rabbit NFTs - a unique digital collectible that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Weird Rabbit can double as your Club membership card and grant exclusive benefits to members. If you are a Weird Rabbit VIP and Genesis NFT, you will have continuous and irregular airdrops and profit sharing rights. Community members can unlock future fields and benefits by activating the roadmap.

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The first batch of NFT graphs, empowered as the creation graph.
Quantity: 100 copies
Empowering roles: There are two types, Genesis VIP and ordinary Genesis.
Genesis VIP rights: VIP status, airdrop an NFT (same project), project profit sharing.
Ordinary creation rights: airdrop an NFT (same project), possible profit sharing.

Work in progress - we're adding more to this soon.

Genesis NFT Launch

Q3 2022

The Genesis NFT will be issued in 100 copies.
Among them, 40 are VIPs, 100% of No. 0~9 are VIPs, and 30% of Nos. 10~99 are VIPs.
0~9 Tokens (ETH) worth about 500USD will be auctioned at selected times. With the gradual development and maturity of Weird Rabbit, it will be repurchased 100 times after the game or movie is launched. The equivalent FT (token) is charged, which is only a temporary carrier. This card is denominated in USDT/USD; Weird Rabbit VIP and Genesis will have continuous and irregular airdrops and profit sharing rights.
The "Freak Rabbit" NFT is our first pioneering project, and it is our responsibility to ensure the final launch of NFTs, figures, games, and movies, but in fact, there are also various uncertainties, and huge opportunities and risks coexist. Participating in "Freak Rabbit" in the form of an NFT card (VIP) for the project's profit distribution right is both an opportunity and a risk.

NFT Sale

Q4 2022

Whitelist and market sales, there are 2000 whitelists and 7900 non-whites.
Whitelist and non-white are both non-creation NFTs, numbered 100~9999, with a 1% probability of being VIP.
In Q4 2022, the sales of NFTs are ready to be completed.
Non-Genesis NFTs also have the opportunity to obtain repurchase, and they will be eligible for repurchase according to the ranking of new and transaction points. The 1st place is repurchased 100 times, the 2nd~20th place is repurchased 10 times, and the others have a transaction: 2 times the repurchase.
Unlike Genesis Publishing, which focuses on DAO construction, non-Genesis NFTs will expand publicity and distribution activities while building DAOs, such as advertising, new activities, AMA, joint activities, etc.

Merchandise Launch

Q4 2022, Q1 2023

The number of "Bunny Rabbit Figures" that will be released in Q4 in 2022 and Q1 in 2023 is planned to be 10,000 copies, including commemorative models, blind boxes, and joint models.
The significance of "Freak Rabbit Figure" lies in the attempt to combine NFT with offline physical objects, which is part of the construction of the "Freak Rabbit" universe.
The VIP of "Bunny Rabbit" received an airdrop of a commemorative figure. 0.5% probability of NFT holders No. 0~9999 will be the figurines that are drawn.
We will openly sell commemorative and co-branded figurines on the e-commerce market and in the community.
At the same time, it is co-produced with the anchor of the figure, and the co-branded figure of the blind box is sold with the cooperative channel. In the promotion activities of NFT, "Freak Rabbit Figure" became a gift to give to friends.
When the conditions are mature, the function of staking tokens to obtain tokens will be launched. Partners with figures can pledge USDT and tokens to obtain interest.



The Weird Rabbit team sells "The Weird Rabbit" NFT, figures and NFT royalties, 20% of the profit distribution rights of these proceeds, a total of 200 NFT cards.
VIPs will get unrestricted access to profit sharing. Non-VIP holders of addresses will receive profit sharing rights through the event lottery.
The public issuance of profits may be equivalent to FT, and the statistics are priced in USDT/USD;
The profit sharing activity will start in Q2 2023. The profit distribution time is initially scheduled to be distributed monthly or quarterly. Weird Rabbit will adjust the profit distribution time according to the actual operation situation.
Weird Rabbit does not guarantee that the game will be profitable every month or quarter, and may even lose money for a long time. In the case of no profit, no profit will be issued in the month or quarter.

P2E Game

Q4 2023

We plan to launch Rabbit Gamefi in Q4 of 2023. The game is currently under planning and program development. The game is based on blockchain technology P2E game, PVE, PVP, breeding, NFT lease, pledge, TMT.
Before the game goes live, conduct seed rounds and private placements, and VIPs can qualify for seed round quotas.
0~99 Airdrop to get the protagonist pet. From 100 to 9999, 1,000 airdrops will be selected to get admission animals, and 2,000 will be selected to qualify for the whitelist.
VIPs and Genesis NFTs will receive in-game tokens and 20% profit distribution through airdrops.

Films and Television


Bunny Rabbit is an IP with a big cosmic vision, and we currently have experienced creators.
But we still want to co-create with DAO. In 2024, we hope to have partners to join in the creation of the "Freak Rabbit" series of novels and extended animations and movies.
Weird Rabbit VIP and Genesis NFT holders, creators in the DAO organization will have continuous and irregular airdrops and profit sharing rights.

NFT is our entry ticket,
various rewards will be based on time staked:


What are NFTs?
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and tradedtraded. NFTs may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Because each token is uniquely identifiable, NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded.